Warehousing & Vaulting



While cost-effective freight services might get your products where they need to be, it’s the value-added services that make your job easier. Whether you’re exporting or importing, we can coordinate warehousing until you’re ready for just-in-time and door-to-door delivery.

Our worldwide network puts unlimited warehousing square footage at our fingertips – and yours.

Navotas Cargos’ Safe Deposit Boxes and Bullion Safes offer a premium solution to your storage needs for precious metals. Our Safe Deposit Boxes and Bullion Safes offer fully allocated and segregated storage from 1oz of gold to 1 tonne of silver, so you can be confident your investment portfolio is protected and your wealth preserved.

For private and retail investors who purchase bullion, it’s imperative that your investments are protected and stored securely. Home storage is fraught with risk and could result in the loss of your superannuation or life’s savings.

If you are unsure of what size Safe Deposit Box or Bullion Safe you require, contact us and can help you calculate your storage requirements.

Due to Occupational Health & Safety legislation and to ensure the integrity of the Vault, our Safe Deposit Boxes and Bullion Safes have weight limits. This is for your safety and Navotas Cargo is strict with these limits.