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We value timely planning and precise execution by our qualified and experienced leadership team in order to meet client’s air travel requirements. We believe in customer satisfaction through the effective utilization of their time and focusing on their traveling needs. We quickly adapt to the client’s needs thus ensuring them with a safe and enjoyable trip, leading towards an unmatched air journey experience with all the services provided to them quite efficaciously.

We believe that composure in air-journey leads to a soothing and memorable experience, the Organization has set forth to serve its clients, meeting their journey requirements in a productive manner.

Although we are a new player in the luxury air travel industry, we have proven our excellence and maintained a dedicated approach to our clients. We believe in effective utilization of client’s time, thus ensuring them a delightful experience of their lifetime.

With the said motive in front of us, we continually strive hard to achieve distinction among our competitors.

Having a substantial crew fleet facility, with dedicated and professional individuals, working on the most high-tech and unconventional air crafts designed especially for charter flights, clients are assured of a hassle free air journey with all the fringe benefits availed to them.

Having the services of competent and certified pilots, security, serenity to the passengers is guaranteed, which encompasses around the calming nature of the flight offered to the clients.

“We value your time, prioritize your needs, and get you the access to the delightful air journey by simply maintaining a cordial relationship with you”.





Launched in July 2004, the 45XR shares the same core values with the rest of the Learjet family: speed and performance. This aircraft offers the best climb rate of its category of Super Light business jets and a high speed cruise of 860km/h at 51,000 feet, away from commercial air traffic and potentially disruptive weather. This outstanding performances enables it to make direct flights from Cannes to Budapest in only 1h30mins or from Ibiza to London in just 1h45mins, depending on conditions. Cabin height is lower than the Learjet 60XR but it can still easily accommodate 8 passengers in a double club 4 configuration. Due to its high-altitude flight capacity and stabilizing technology, your flight is guaranteed to be smooth as well as direct and efficient. The Learjet 45XR is very popular as it is perfect for connecting major cities in Europe and around the world.


  • HEIGHT: 5ft / 1.50m
  • WIDTH: 5.1ft / 1.56m
  • LENGTH: 19.8ft / 6.04m
  • SEATS : 8
  • Luggage capacity: 1.9 m 3
  • Range : 3 800km 2 049nm
  • Speed : 465 kts 861km/h


The Hawker 4000 is the latest addition to Beechcraft’s private jet range and is certainly the flagship of the fleet. Being built of advanced composite materials allows the Hawker 4000 to offer a high performance service while maintaining an impressive fuel efficiency. It is able to climb to 41,000ft in under 19 minutes, quickly getting above other air traffic and potentially disruptive weather conditions. It is also known for its high-altitude performance because it provides a range of over 6000km, while cruising at a maximum speed of nearly 900kmh, getting its passengers to distant destinations in excellent time. The interior is spacious and well lit, thanks to 7 large windows on either side, and can accommodates up to 8 passengers, typically in a double Club 4 seating arrangement. It also features a pressurized baggage compartment that is accessible during flight. Overall, this comfortable and efficient Super Midsize aircraft is an extremely popular choice and comes highly recommended.


  • HEIGHT: 6ft / 1.83m
  • WIDTH: 6.5ft / 1.97m
  • LENGTH: 25ft / 7.62m
  • SEATS: 8
  • Luggage capacity: 3 m 3
  • Range : 6 038km 3 260nm
  • Speed : 470 kts 870km/h


The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) is the mainstay of the Boeing corporate offering, providing an extraordinarily luxurious service to its passengers. The interior is magnificently spacious, the cabin being shorter, wider and taller than the Lineage 1000, giving a greater overall floor area. Boeing offer a wide variety of interior layouts, depending on your preferences, but these generally consist of 5 separate sleeping and living areas, including an exquisite master bedroom suite, a conference/dining room, an office and opulent lounge areas, as well as luxury bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen, capable of producing the finest cuisine. The BBJ also provides excellent performance, with a recently-improved fuel economy and a greater range than both the Lineage and ACJ320, largely thanks to its intelligent design and hugely powerful engines. State-of-the art technology means that the BBJ can perform to this high standard, taking you on extensive trans-continental journeys, while maintaining a silent and steady cabin, allowing you to relax in comfort.


  • HEIGHT : 7.1ft / 2.16m
  • WIDTH : 11.6ft / 3.53m
  • LENGTH : 79.2ft / 24.13m
  • SEATS :19
  • Luggage capacity : 8.5 m 3
  • Range : 9 964km 5 380nm
  • Speed : 469 kts 868km/h

Below are more of our air crafts available in our fleet network. Contact Us and let’s match the ideal charter freight option to your specific needs.